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Study Abroad Guidebook

Keibunsha has been publishing and distributing free study abroad guidebooks for over 15 years. Our guidebooks include information about the education system and study opportunities by sector, student testimonials, step by step guide for applications and practical information about living in each country.

Keibunsha Study Abroad Guidebook started with the Study Abroad Guidebook UK and expanded to Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand guidebooks. In 2017 our first ‘Language Studies Guidebook’ was published.

Editorial contents are supervised by the embassy and/or official organizations of each destination country to make sure that we provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Study Abroad Guidebook USA

Study Abroad Guidebook USA
with support of: Embassy of the United States of America
Online Book

Study Abroad Guidebook Australia

Study Abroad Guidebook Australia
with support of: Australian Embassy and Australian state government offices
Online Book

Study Abroad Guidebook Canada

Study Abroad Guidebook Canada
with support of: Embassy of Canada
Online Book

Study Abroad Guidebook New Zealand

Study Abroad Guidebook New Zealand
with support of: New Zealand Embassy, Education New Zealand
Online Book

Study Abroad Guidebook UK

Study Abroad Guidebook UK
Online Book

Language Studies Guidebook

Language Studies Guidebook
Online Book

Distribution of Keibunsha guidebooks
The distribution list for Keibunsha guidebooks Guide is based on the following categories:

  1. Secondary schools and junior colleges which responded to the questionnaire survey conducted by Keibunsha each year.
  2. Secondary schools and junior colleges which have an English Department or International Studies Department.
  3. JAFSA member universities (JAFSA, Japan Network for International Education, is a network of university staff responsible for international exchanges, study abroad and foreign students. There are about 200 institutional members and 400 individual members.) These universities receive the number of copies they request.
  4. Agents and companies including a travel insurance company’s office located next to the Passport Center in Tokyo.
  5. Individuals who order free copies of our guidebooks through Keibunsha and our partner organizations’ websites.

Event Management

Keibunsha coordinates education exhibitions and workshops organized by the embassies and official organizations we work with.
Our clients include the British Council, Canadian Embassy, American Embassy, Australian Embassy, English New, Education New Zealand and Tourism Australia.

Examples of events
Edu Canada Fair(since 2007)-Sponsored by Embassy of Canada
EducationUSA EXPO(since 2010)-Sponsored by Embassy of the United States of America
Education UK Exhibition(since 2012)-Sponsored by British Council
Study in Australia Fair(since 2012)-Sponsored by Australian Embassy
CAIS Promotion Seminar(Since 2016)-Sponsored by CAIS

Our event coordination services include:
The distribution list for Keibunsha guidebooks Guide is based on the following categories:

  1. Finding a suitable venue
  2. Arranging booth construction and equipment hire
  3. Advertising and promotion of the events
  4. Production of promotional materials
  5. Production of event websites and on-line registration forms
  6. Arranging interpreters
  7. Arranging catering
  8. Providing support on the day of the event
  9. Providing event reports including visitor statistics and questionnaire results

Editorial Design and Translation Services

Using resources and expertise in the area of international education, Keibunsha provides various marketing support services for a number of education institutions outside Japan and foreign government organizations.
Our services include translation (English/Japanese) of websites/brochures, production/maintenance of websites and design/production of printed materials.

Examples of Printed materials:
Study Melbourne Support Handbook(State Government of Victoria, Australia)
Discover a Future Unlimited brand book with DVD(Austrade Japan)
Step Eiken Study Abroad Handbook

Examples of Translation services:
Education New Zealand website(Education New Zealand)
Study in Canada Fair guidebooks(Embassy of Canada)
EducationUSA EXPO guidebooks(Embassy of the United States of America)

Examples of Websites:
Edu Canada Fair(Embassy of Canada)
EducationUSA EXPO(Embassy of the United States of America)
Deakin University Japannese Web

*Please contact Keibunsha for further details.